Potpourri Crafts?

Answer Potpourri was first created in the 12th century for the same purpose it serves today: freshening rooms. A mix of herbs, spices, flowers and oils, potpourri is displayed in all types of containers t... Read More »

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Potpourri Crafts for Kids to Make?

Potpourri is a colorful, aromatic mixture of dried herbs and flowers. Readily available in craft and variety stores potpourri an inexpensive, easy to use material for children to make gifts for mom... Read More »

How to Activate Potpourri?

Potpourri is a combination of fragrant dried flowers, spices and herbs. Some potpourri mixes also include pine cones, dried citrus peelings and wood shavings. Potpourri adds a pleasing scent to you... Read More »

Can you use cinnamon oil on potpourri?

You can add cinnamon oil to your potpourri to prolong the fresh-smelling scent. It only takes a few drops of cinnamon oil to extend the scent by several weeks. Add cinnamon sticks to add an extra w... Read More »

Use potpourri in a sentence?

Everyone at the tea party brought a set to share so each table had a potpourri of cups and saucers.