Posting a dvd to a site?

Answer Yes, but the real question is if the DVD has a copyright on it. If it does, then this type of action could be quite illegal.If not, then it would be better to convert the file/s to a format that w... Read More »

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Is this site legit It's a site that sells DVD's for TV Shows.?

It's 100% legal to sell pirated american goods in China because they don't enforce American Copyright laws. This site is based out of china, and is most likely just VHS-quality shows taped off the... Read More »

If you have a secure connection to a Web site, does that mean you can trust the site?

SSL only ensures the safe data transmission from client to server. Hence it guarantees only data safety.

If you put a playlist on a networking site, can you change to one of your other playlists on that site?

I have on my Multiply page, and it does give you the opportunity to have more than one. I have enough problems with that one to investigate having a second.They say my connection is to... Read More »

How can you acess red tubes full site on your iPhone and not the mobile site?