Post viral syndrome. Any suggestions?

Answer So the steamy , sweat creating, cleanse out all the pores, no rules sex did not work as hoped? Bummer. Well, you must resort to the old practices as mentioned by MHB & Browneyes. Plenty of rest, ... Read More »

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What are some suggestions for the parents of a Down syndrome child?

Viral Neurominidase, Besides Inhibiting the Release of Viral Particles From an Infected Cell, does it Also-?

Viral neuraminidase is an enzyme on the surface of influenza viruses that enables the virus to be released from the host cell. Drugs that inhibit neuraminidase are used to treat influenza. Viruses ... Read More »

How to Cope With Post Holiday Syndrome?

After spending a wonderful holiday over the Christmas and New Year period, some people feel blue and find that it's difficult to function normally in their daily rhythm. As defined by the DSM IV, h... Read More »

Signs and Symptoms of Post Laminectomy Syndrome?

Post laminectomy syndrome, also called failed back syndrome or FBS, occurs after a failed spinal surgery to remove pain. After surgery, the symptoms remain, sometimes getting worse and leading to t... Read More »