Post-Graduate Studies in History & Theology?

Answer The term "post-graduate study" is the UK equivalent to what U.S. institutions refer to as "graduate school." The country offers a range of options for students intending to study history and theolo... Read More »

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Studies in Theology?

Those who follow the tenets of a religion often view a developed theological understanding of their faith to be an important component of their spiritual formation. Theological studies may be part ... Read More »

Theology and Theological Studies in Different Institutions?

Someone interested in studying theology has several options. Many institutions offer degrees preparing students for both active work as religious leaders as well as academic degrees for students in... Read More »

Scholarships for Graduate Studies?

While a graduate degree can provide students with advanced education and training necessary to be successful in a chosen career field, it can also present a major financial challenge. A graduate ed... Read More »

Graduate Schools for Environmental Studies?

A graduate education in Environmental Studies can encompass a variety of disciplines and fields, including law, policy, political science, geology, technology and biology. Job opportunities in the ... Read More »