Post Arthroscopic Meniscectomy Problems & Worries.. Need help & answers.?

Answer Popping and snapping within the knee is common, and often not a symptom of any particular problem. When the pops are painless, there is usually no problem, but painful pops and snaps should be eval... Read More »

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EMERCENCY!!!! Help I need answers now!! ?

If it was fractured, you wouldn't be able to move it because of the pain. It's probably a pulled muscle. If you want, I doctor could check you out. Now if there is a reason it could be fractured, a... Read More »

Need some answers! please help me?

Apple sent out an invite and it is coming out on Septembet 12th. Yes, you have to buy out the rest of your contract.I don't know what the fee is sorry!Hoped I helped!

Help with testicle problems. Need help desperately!?

1. After surgery, your left testicle should have descended on par with the right one.2. Now, you are as good as anyone to participate in sex and produce children.3. No need to worry about cancer @ ... Read More »

Migraine worries help?

As mentioned, acupuncture is very good. You really don't have to suffer a lifetime of this as it can be easily cured with alternative therapies. I treat a lot of migraine sufferers with excellent r... Read More »