Possibly damaged testicle. Help!?

Answer Swollen testicles is very serious. Yes go see doctor, you want to make sure that there's no internal ruptures. There might be blood in your scrotum (Which would explain how swollen it is). If you d... Read More »

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Testicle problem please help?

In males what you're describing can be normal and not a cause for concern (even though you're seeing a change--it can be related to room and outdoor temperature which does change). To know whether ... Read More »

What Causes Testicle Pain?

There are many potential causes of testicular pain, ranging from infections to a condition called a testicular torsion. A doctor should be consulted for most instances of chronic, or long-lasting, ... Read More »

My testicle has become sensitive?

it is normal to get pains in one or both testes during puberty.if they are roughly the same size with no lumps/bumps and no severe pain on examination,then the chances are it is a teenage thing.som... Read More »

My right testicle really hurts.?

Go to the hospital immediately, right now.