Possible victim of identity theft over email need help?

Answer I wouldn’t worry about it. The email would need to be intercepted in transit (When traveling from A to B) which means there was a very short window for it to be captured. Unless you were specific... Read More »

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What happens if you are an identity theft victim?

If someone is using your name, social security number, credit or bank accounts or any other personally identifying information without your permission to commit fraud and other crimes, you're a vic... Read More »

Have i become the victim of Identity theft?

If you did not give them a credit card number, Drivers lic. or SS # You don't have much to worry about. They really can't do much with the information you gave them.

I'm a victim of identity theft what can I do?

This is really really bad! I don't really know if there's anything that you can do without sending your mom to jail. Boy, you got yourself in a pickle. I was reading about identity thefts in a book... Read More »

How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Identity Theft?

What is your identity worth?Your name and personal information are an asset that belongs to you.Your financial history report can determine if you get a loan, an apartment, a job, or insurance cove... Read More »