Possible to have oral abscess with no cavity or pain?

Answer an abscess can be in 2 sites(gums or tooth)you probably have Multiple acute periodontal abscesses due to clenching. I would go back to the dentist if I were you! swelling is no joke! thats a sign ... Read More »

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Is it safe to have a sex with aids patient by using condoms. Is it possible to have oral sex?

Though condoms reduce the risk of infection, NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING is 100% safe. If you decide to have a sexual relationship with your infected partner, be prepared for the potential consequ... Read More »

I have a really bad tootth ache and i cant see my dentist until wed what can i do for pain no oral pain meds.?

Like other people have said oragel helps a lot. You could also try using ice cold water, swish it around until your ache becomes numb. Depending on where the pain is coming from you could try rin... Read More »

If I had sex with a man after giving him oral where he ejaculted then wore a condom to have sex the day my period ended is it still possible for me to be pregnant?

If the only time he was inside of you was with a condom and it was used right, no you can not be pregnant.

If you have pain on the left bottom side of your gums does that mean you have a cavity?

Jen, you need to get that area x-rayed by a dentist. I was an RDA in an oral surgery office for many years. It could be anything from eroded or thin enamel to an abcess or anything in between.If th... Read More »