Possible to have oral abscess with no cavity or pain?

Answer an abscess can be in 2 sites(gums or tooth)you probably have Multiple acute periodontal abscesses due to clenching. I would go back to the dentist if I were you! swelling is no joke! thats a sign ... Read More »

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I have a really bad tootth ache and i cant see my dentist until wed what can i do for pain no oral pain meds.?

Like other people have said oragel helps a lot. You could also try using ice cold water, swish it around until your ache becomes numb. Depending on where the pain is coming from you could try rin... Read More »

Why aren't antibiotics helping abscess tooth pain?

Answer Antibiotics will help the pain in the long term, but for the current pain, take ibuprofen or whatever your dentist prescribed. If it's still very painful, call your dentist.

How much pain is NORMAL after a cavity filling?

I have had that much pain after having several fillings done. It is going to be sore and hard to open because of all the time the mouth was held open for the dental work, and that will take a few d... Read More »

I have a pain in my lower, back jaw.. cavity or wisdom teeth?

If you eat something really sweet your tooth should ache if its a cavity. I currently have one cavity that I need to be filled and it only aches when I eat something sweet. Wisdom teeth pain usuall... Read More »