Possible thumb injury?

Answer No you haven't pulled a muscle in your thumb,you have most likely bruised your thumb.................

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Possible Thumb Injury Help?

You could have bruised a ligament or tendon.

Thumb injury Please help!?

hi friend,from your description it may not be a fracture as.Your pain may be due to soft tissue injury or due to a partial dislocation of it is better to have a consultation with a specia... Read More »

Thumb injury... Please Answer!?

When i sometimes play basketball, sometimes, when i catch the ball the wrong way, the ball presses onto the TIP of my finger and presses it all the way in and it hurts so much. I've hurt 4 fingers ... Read More »

What can i do to recover from possible RSI injury?

I'm thinking you have a pinched nerve Doc...You should take a nice long hot bath and submerge your shoulder under the warmth of the water, and then put on a heat bag when you get out. The warmth w... Read More »