Possible threat e-mail!!!?

Answer Very weird. Could be somebody stalking you, but then again those sexual performance sites and penis enlargement, etc. are very aggressive with their emails and fairly creepy too. It wouldn't surp... Read More »

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Received a death threat on e-mail (from non-Yahoo e-mail addy)?

If it is a spam letter of some sort from Singapore, what I would do myself is this:Copy all headers from the sender, and send copy to Abuse@their provider/server, as well as to abuse@my email provi... Read More »

Is it possible to get spyware by just opening e-mail?

oh yess all email is not safe --even a friend can send u a virus ridden mail by mistake

Is it possible to have more than one e-mail address?

Is it possible to retrieve an e mail that I sent in 2003 to aol.?

If the e-mail was sent in 2003, 6 years ago the odds of recovering it are practially nil. Assuming that you use the same computer somewhat regularly, the data has been overwritten. You can try a ha... Read More »