Possible fractured tooth WHO should I go see general dentist or endodontist?

Answer My mom had a fractured tooth and went to a general dentist!So to answer your question, general dentist.

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Is a dentist as qualified to do a root canal as an endodontist?

Yes, legally all general dentists are qualified to do root canals. But, IMO not as qualified as an endodontist who has gone through 2-3 years of additional training in the specialty and does ONLY r... Read More »

After dentist tested tooth with a really cold chemical, tooth is sensitive?

That chemical was extremely cold carbon dioxide. It will go back to normal soon.

If a dentist recommends that you remove your second molar tooth instead of your wisdom tooth is that a bad choice if the second molar is in very bad condition?

Answer I'd follow the advice of the dentist, since the wisdom tooth can move forward after the second molar is removed.

Does the general term "broken back" refer to disc herniation, OR individual vertebrae being fractured, OR BOTH?

Vertebral fracture. Disc herniation is generally referred to as a "slipped disc".