Possible first period Brown stuff...?

Answer Yeah the brown stuff is mabey? ik when i.e. Frist started it was like the very Frist one later out turns to bright red or dark red blood

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Is Brown discharge a sign of first period or infection?

Hello,Baby girls are born with ovaries, fallopian tubes, and a uterus. The two ovaries are oval-shaped and sit on either side of the uterus (womb) in the lowest part of the abdomen called the pelvi... Read More »

Light brown discharge: first period or infection 10 POINTS.?

Definitely not an infection. Sounds like your period is coming! Many girls have brown discharge a week or a few days before getting their period (But not all, I only get it after my period has ende... Read More »

Is it possible to be experiencing menstrual cramps during the first missed period of pregnancy?

Answer Yes it is, I experienced them when pregnant with my daughter. Its quite normal in early pregnancy. You just want to keep an eye if they are experienced with bleeding,you will want to see you... Read More »

Period every 2 months and you are just wondering if it is possible for you to tell that you were pregnant before the next period comes?

Answer go to the doctors and have a blood test and you find out