Possible Masturbation Problem?

Answer Yes, you could have contracted a STD. Do you even wash you're hands before/after you do it? You can get STD'S from surfaces that the bacteria/virus lay on.

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My friend has a masturbation problem?

Basically, it is virtually impossible for a man to masturbate and not attach lustful thoughts to the act in order to achieve an ejaculation. Some view this act as being wrong. I fall in that cate... Read More »

Im having no back pain of masturbation . Is that a problem!?

There's no reason that masturbating should make your back hurt.If a person has a poor back, then many activities might make a person's back hurt.

I am afraid that I have a problem with excessive to cut back?

Possible heart problem... should I be worried?

Sounds like palpatations - Have your doc run an EKG just to check for abnormalitites.Most peoples hearts do all kinds of flip flops and beat skipping all day long, and lots of them don't even notic... Read More »