Portfolio Turnover Ratio?

Answer There are many metrics to help investors determine which mutual fund to invest in. One of the most common is the portfolio turnover ratio. The portfolio turnover ratio will let an investor know how... Read More »

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Annual Turnover Ratio?

In a time of economic uncertainty, investing can seem like a huge risk. However, there are tools available to you to ensure that you are making a wise decision with your money. Financial ratios ar... Read More »

Asset Turnover Ratio Interpretation?

The asset turnover ratio is a common tool used to provide analysis of a company's operations. The ratio is part of a group of asset versus income indicators that show the efficiency and effectivene... Read More »

Fixed-Asset Turnover Ratio?

The fixed asset turnover ratio is a measurement applied to a company's financial statements to help assess the efficiency and effectiveness of the business. The ratio measures the amount of sales c... Read More »

If the original ratio is 3/4 Cup solution to 1 Gallon of water, what is the ratio for a 32oz bottle?

U.S. gallon equals 128 oz.... 3/4 cups equals 6 oz. This is a ratio of 1 to 21.33. For 32 oz. 21.33 x 32 equals the answer. If you are dealing with an imperial gallon with 132 oz. the answer you wa... Read More »