Portable virtualbox that works?

Answer It would have helped to know which ones you found, and where you got them from. And also what operating system (OS) and version you are attempting to run from.I am going to assume you have the lat... Read More »

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Is there a portable television ariel that really works.. for a good reception?

why not watch TV on your computer? It will be better then the antenna.

Will a universal ac adapter that says it is 1.5-12v up to 300ma be used to charge a portable DVD player that uses a 9 v1.5 a battery?

What do you call a person that works for a company that makes any phone?

Around 150£ if you don't have warranty. If you do should be nothing

Do you know anywhere that I can download a free registry cleaner that works?

The only reg cleaner I trust is the one from TuneUp Utilities. I have used it on my computer and others for years and never had anything damaged. Try it from http://www.tune-up.comIt is 30 days fre... Read More »