Portable dvd player Will give best answer.?

Answer There are severil possibilitys. 1. you could contact the dvd players company and talk to them about it 2. you could try to reset the device.take the battery out and leave it our for about 30 minuit... Read More »

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A name for my site Will give best answer!? (hehe) ya.. hope you like these

Toronto bus HELP! Will give best answer?

If I were you, I would invest in a bike and travel to Jane and Steeles, then take the YRT bus north to work. You're close enough that it would hardly be worth taking TTC that short distance. Most b... Read More »

Is it legal to republish Wikipedia's articles Will give best answer?

Yes the articles on Wikipedia can be freely copied and distributed. You can download the whole thing if you so desire.

My LG tv keeps turning black when the power is on Will give 10 pts. for best answer!?

Check the Input. Since there may be multiple systems attached to your TV (DVD player, XBOX, etc.) you must be on a specific input. There's usually a button on your remote to change it.Hopefully it'... Read More »