Portable Drive Going Bad Question?

Answer I would just get another storage medium whether it be online. on your working harddrive, or another external HDD to transfer the files. I would not burn the files to a DVD if you are having power i... Read More »

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I have just bought an iomega portable hard drive, and my computer is a Mac. My question is this..?

You should read this page.…

Question for anyone with a portable DVD player?

Below is a link to a bunch of portable DVD players. Just do Find for DVD-R and there are a couple that play them.…

What is a portable USB drive?

A portable USB (universal serial bus) drive is a flash memory storage device used to backup or transfer computer files. The drive is considered portable as it is removable. Portable USB drives are... Read More »

What Is a Portable Media Drive?

A portable media drive is, in short, exactly what it says it is: a portable piece of hardware that you can easily carry around with you. There are many different brands of portable media drives. Ea... Read More »