Portable Audio Devices that Play AVI?

Answer While early MP3 players only played music files, many of today's portable music players also support video. There are many different video formats and containers, and different players support diff... Read More »

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How can I stream the Blu-ray movie to the portable devices?

Do you mean get copies from blu-ray? I think you may want to try this program:…It can help rip blu-ray movies for portable devices, then you can enjoy the ... Read More »

How do I run two audio devices at once on a pc?

Running Two Audio Devices at OnceInstall each audio device by connecting it to the computer and starting the computer. At startup, browse to the driver CD, if drivers are required, and let Windows ... Read More »

Do some portable devices such as digital cameras use memory cards as the storage media?

How to record with 2 audio devices at once?

Record how: on to a computer? Or somekind of a track recorder. You can probably find a cheap two track on ebay. There is no solution to do what are trying on a computer for $20 or less.