Portable AC current-Batteries?

Answer Such things do exist. Battery charger, battery, and inverter in one package, with a handle. But not designed for continuous pass-through operation like a UPS. Speaking of which, a small UPS would d... Read More »

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How long do the batteries on portable DVD players last for?

It depends on how much do you use your DVD player. And what is the firm mark of DVD.If batteries are rechargable they can last 2-3 days.But other way, they can last 6 months.

How to Dispose of Portable Radio Batteries?

Many different types of batteries are used in households across the country. One of the biggest concerns is what people do with the batteries when they are dead. Portable radios use small sealed le... Read More »

Is it possible to bridge a Portable T-Mobile Laptop stick(portable modem) to a wireless router using windows7?

That's not true, wifi bridges are only use to expand your wifi beyond the range of your wifi router.

Does wiring batteries in series increase the watt hour capacity of the batteries?

The total amount of energy (watt hours) that your batteries can deliver remains the same no matter how you wire them to each other. Wired in series, the voltage is the sum of the individual voltage... Read More »