Port Polishing Tools?

Answer According to the "Dictionary of Automotive Terms," the port of the engine is an "opening in an engine cylinder block for exhaust and intake valves and water connections." If the port can be equated... Read More »

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Rim Polishing Tools?

Polishing the rims of an old vehicle can give it that brand-new appearance you've been missing after the wear and tear of many years of use. Then again, stripping and polishing rims that come with ... Read More »

Automotive Polishing Tools?

Automobile surfaces constantly get bombarded by acid rain, sun radiation, salt and foreign objects. These intruders strip away finishes and damage the look and health of metallic surfaces. Proper m... Read More »

Wood Polishing Tools?

Polishing, one of woodworking's final steps, greatly affects the finished product's appearance, especially if only a clear finish coat is applied to the piece. Wood polishing tools aid the removal ... Read More »

Auto Polishing Tools?

Tools used for polishing automotive finishes can be either handheld or used with an orbital buffer. All polishing tools use a variety of different waxes and polishing compounds that smooth the pain... Read More »