Porcelain Cooking Grates Vs. Stainless Steel Grates?

Answer Steel cooking grates have been the standard cooking surface for outdoor grills for a long time. Porcelain cooking grates are beginning to be found more often as standard equipment for BBQ grills. I... Read More »

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Are porcelain-enameled or stainless steel cooking grates on the Weber grill better?

Porcelain-enameled grates are easier to clean than stainless steel grates, especially when they're new and unscratched. However, the steel beneath the porcelain can expand and contract at a differe... Read More »

How do I clean stainless steel barbecue cooking grates?

Clean stainless steel barbecue cooking grates with a wire brush or pumice stone. Turn the barbecue heat on high, and allow particles on the grate to continue cooking; large particles will burn off.... Read More »

How do i clean burner grates on a porcelain stove?

Soak the BurnersFill the sink with hot water, 2 tbsp. liquid dish soap and 1/4 cup ammonia. Ensure burners are turned off, and remove them from the porcelain stove. Place burners into the sink, and... Read More »

How to Clean Porcelain Coated Cast Iron Grates?

Cast iron grates with a porcelain coating provide the strength and longevity of a heavy metal with a porcelain coating to protect from rust and for easier cleanup. Damage to the porcelain coating a... Read More »