Population of Morocco?

Answer 2004 census was 29 680 069 2009 estimate was 31 993 000hope that helps!

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Who was the leader of Morocco?

As of April 2010, the leader of Morocco is King Mohammed VI. He succeeded his father, King Hassan II, in 1999. Moroccan's government is a constitutional monarchy, with the king holding dominant aut... Read More »

Where is Morocco?

Morocco is located along the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean coast in northwestern Africa with Algeria and Western Sahara as its land neighbors. The geographic coordinates for the country are 32 d... Read More »

Children's Games in Morocco?

The simple, often hand-made toys and games of Moroccan children highlight the culture's artistic ingenuity, hand-craftsmanship, and, basically, simple way of life, according to anthropologists. Pre... Read More »

How to Visit and Tour Morocco?

Morocco is a North African country that has a coastline on both the North Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. If you ever wanted to visit this country, here are some helpful pointers on how to ha... Read More »