Population Effects on Education?

Answer Population growth and decline have a direct effect on the educational system, both in social and economic terms. Changes in population are analogous to the material and human resources needed by a ... Read More »

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Problems Related to Population & Education?

Education is a fundamental human right, with every child entitled to it, according to the Convention on the Rights of the Child. However, fluctuations in population have serious implications on the... Read More »

Human Population Cloning Effects?

Cloning is defined as the production of an organism that is genetically identical to another organism. The process of cloning is possible through the transference of the nuclei of somatic cells. Cl... Read More »

The Effects of the Baby Boom on the Population?

The term "baby boom" refers to the sharp increase in the birth rate that took place in the post-World War II U.S. The phenomenon lasted for 19 years, between 1946 and 1964, when the birth rate retu... Read More »

The Effects of Human Population on the Water Supply?

While water covers 70 percent of the Earth's surface, 97.5 percent of that water is undrinkable salt water. Of the remaining 2.5 percent that consists of the Earth's fresh water supply, 70 percent ... Read More »