Popular Women's Short Haircuts From the 1980s?

Answer The 1980s brought eccentric music, colors and styles to the world. Haircuts in the '80s were no exception. With the punk rocker look came the punk hair look and the punk hair colors. Hairspray and ... Read More »

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1980s Shag Haircuts?

The texture of shag cuts offers so much potential for creating different looks, which has has led to lasting popularity. Originally a simple look, this cut evolved in the 1980s and led to many diff... Read More »

Popular Inventions in the 1980s?

Throughout history, some inventions have significantly benefited society and paved a new way for following generations. The 1980s are no different. Inventions during that decade have changed the wa... Read More »

Popular Women's Hairstyles from the 1980s?

When you think 1980s, think big. It was the decade of excess. Hairstyles of that era followed the same trend. Big, heavily back combed and hairsprayed styles were popular for men and women. Perms w... Read More »

Most Popular Emo Haircuts?

While there is some debate as to the origin of Emo, this subculture has certainly spread quickly. Tied in with the musical genre of the same name, Emo has come to define a certain style and attitud... Read More »