Popular Hairstyles in the Early 1900s?

Answer While many of the customs and fashions of the early 1900s may seem old-fashioned, women of that period began to experiment more with new clothing and hairstyles. As the early years of the century u... Read More »

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Hats & Hairstyles of the Early 1900s?

When Queen Victoria died in 1901, society was being thrust forward in Europe and the states. The industrial revolution sped up production and communication, and the suffragette movement signaled a ... Read More »

What was the vacuum cleaner like in the early 1900s?

the refrigerater is a device which enables us to preserve the food and keep it fresh until we take it out

Farming Tools in the Early 1900s?

About 40 percent of Americans were living and working on farms in the early 1900's. Most of these farming families and their hired help worked an average of 150 acres of land, which is three times ... Read More »

What was US foreign policy in the early 1900s?

George Washington's Foreign Policy: Although United States had established peace from Great Britain from The Treaty of Paris of 1783 it was still unstable. Washington worked towards gaining the Uni... Read More »