Popular Clothes in the '80s?

Answer Those over the age of 40 will remember the two-toned jeans and the neon-colored leg warmers. During the '80s, Michael Jackson was at the top of the music charts while kids around the world donned t... Read More »

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How to Afford Popular Brands of Clothes?

Do you ever look at other people and wonder how on earth they were able to buy a specific brand of jeans or shirt? Even when you know how much they make it just doesn't seem possible for them to be... Read More »

Do I have to where Aeropostale or Hollister clothes to be popular?

No, although if you bought some, it might make you feel better, but at my school, tons of kids wear them and I bought some and it doesn't really make a difference. So just be yourself!

What Were the Most Popular Clothes for Women in 2010?

Female fashion trends are fleeting, but for the year of 2010 certain types of women's clothing were noticeably more popular than others. Some clothing trends for women during this time took their i... Read More »

Girls,do you prefer your man to has more clothes or less clothes than you and why(10 points)?

Less, if they have more then it feels like they are more into shopping than I am, and that just seems weird to me. It sounds dumb, but it feels like they care more about clothes than they care abou... Read More »