Pop Tarts Toast Or Cinnamon Roll Which would you prefer more for Breakfast?

Answer Pop tarts are okay, like l'd eat them on the goCinnamon rolls..mmmm!! That!! with lots of milk yum yum yum! but it'd be messy, so if i was on the go, thats a no no for meif i was feeling nutella or... Read More »

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Cinnamon Roll Rice Krispies Cheese Omelet or Fruit Salad Which from this list do u prefer more for ->?

I'll have a cheese omelet, with a short stack of pancakes and maple syrup, please. And Decaf coffee!. Won't you join me? We could talk about the Olympics.

Pop Tarts Cinnamon Roll Or Crossiant Which do you like better?

Cinnamon Roll Croissant Or Muffin Which do you like better for Breakfast?

Cinnamon roll! with xtra frosting, sugar, and cinnamon! :-)

Mozzarella Sticks Chinese Egg Roll Or Chicken Nuggets Which would u prefer?

Oh I could really go for some Chicken Nuggets from McDonalds right now! Why'd you have to ask this?! :P