Pop, Soda, Soft Drink, or Carbonated Beverage?

Answer I usually say soda. In Texas, though, we basically call everything Coke.

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What was the first soda/soft drink/pop invented?

What soda or soft drink has the most sugar?

How to Get Rid of Rust with a Carbonated Beverage?

Rust often shows up on medals. It is very annoying. If you touch it, it gets stuck to your hands. It's just gross. You can always wipe rust away with a towel or something, but if its a big problem,... Read More »

In your opinion if soda was called carbonated water instead of soda how much effect would that have?

They can't call soda carbonated water becasue carbonated water is carbonated water. This is the same as saying "in your opinion if kool aid was called water instead of kool aid how much effect woul... Read More »