Pop Choreographers From the 90s?

Answer Choreography is a crucial element in the success of many pop musicians. However, pop choreographers are often unknown outside of the industry. You might know all the dance steps to your favorite po... Read More »

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Do the dancing with stars have choreographers?

No. The professional dancers choreograph their own dances.

I have $12,000 out from a student loan from a bank! If I get the pell grant or any thing from FAFSA...?

Let's not label every private education loan lender as an agent of evil. *grin* Many of them in the business provide a necessary vehicle for college students to be able to afford to attend colleg... Read More »

How is buying Cds from a Pawn Shop any different from Stealing Music from Youtube?

Pawn shop only sell 2nd hand CDs. The artist received royalties when the CD was sold the first time. They don't care about the small number that are sold for a 2nd time via a pawn shop.

Can you activate an iPhone 3GS from your house from buying it from apple?

no, once the app is purchased ,to play it or run it doesn't cost money :) hope this helps,lex