Poor hubby has abcess, hes in bad pain , swollen side of face?

Answer If it is very bad, I think you should take him to an NHS walk-in centre. They will be able to give advice, and prescribe some anti-biotics of his own, he shouldn't really be taking yours. If anythi... Read More »

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Abscessed tooth! Face is swollen! Has anyone ever died from this because the pain is killing me?…This is a good site for home remedies. Back off on all the drugs though you're liable to die from overdose.

Poor hubby has man flu, will he survive the night?

Hey, I have it myself and am getting FAR too little sympathy! No one's even bothered to bring me anything cool to drink, and I am too ill to get up and walk.I am currently typing on this keyboard ... Read More »

I know your spleen is the left side once in a while i get little pain that goes away its not swollen?

In the "normal" anatomy, spleen is on the left side, while the gallbladder is on the right side. However, a condition known as "situs inversus" (with all of its different variants) exists, where yo... Read More »

On the right side of my foot it's pretty swollen bad and looks like my foots broke but I can't feel much pain ?

Definetly get it checked out. But i dont see why you dont feel pain... Weird. Its probably not broken if you dont feel any pain.