Poop question Is this normal?

Answer Well. it depends on how much blood. A little bit sometimes just means that your stools are too hard. You need to drink more liquids like water. Your stools will soften and it won't be as hard to po... Read More »

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My poop is white, is that normal?

this belongs in health not dining out in san franciscso

Is liquid poop normal?

It's called diarrhea, and no, this is not normal. Make sure you are staying hydrated, and yes, you probably should see a doctor. If you're not back to normal in a couple of days, you should for sur... Read More »

Im in excruciating pain when i poop! Normal?

You can try drinking extra water beginning a couple of days before your expected menses. Taking ibuprofen a couple of hours ahead of time may helpYou may also have endometriosis. This is from Web... Read More »

Is solid green poop normal for a 3 year old?

Answer My children always seemed to get green poop after they ate something purple or drank grape juice or grape koolaid. Weird, huh?