Pondless Stream Water Features?

Answer Water features can add a soothing element to your home garden. If you want to add a water feature with running water to your garden, but lack the space or time to construct a pond, there are multip... Read More »

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How do I water plants from a stream to a garden?

Reservoir SitePlace a reservoir alongside the stream to store water, as the stream's flow will vary throughout the year. The best location is close to--but downhill--from the stream and uphill from... Read More »

What is a stream called when it only has water in it after rain events?

The U.S. Geologic Survey refers to this type of streambed as an arroyo. Heavy rains produce a steep-sided, flat stream channel that cuts deeply into loosened rock materials during heavy rains. Othe... Read More »

What Causes Ocean Water to Flow in the Gulf Stream?

Ocean currents are the circulatory system of the Earth. The water movement provides a method for circulating nutrients within the water column, sustaining nourishment for ocean animals and plants. ... Read More »

How to Diagnose the Causes of a White or Light Gray Color Stream in the Water?

Drinking water contamination can lead to serious illness or even death, so investigate any discoloration of your water immediately. Water problems can also cause damage to household appliances, sta... Read More »