Pond Water Experiments?

Answer Pond water can serve as an excellent basis for numerous science experiments. From algae to insect larvae, pond water hosts almost limitless chemical and organic matter to be taken back to a lab and... Read More »

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My Pond Is Losing Water?

There are several reasons a pond may lose water. The most problematic is a leak in your pond liner or rigid pond form. You should not assume you have a leak, however, until you have excluded a few ... Read More »

How do I lower pH in pond water?

Measure PondMeasure the length, width and depth of the pond in feet. If the pond is irregular in shape or depth, calculate the size in sections for more accuracy. Calculate the water volume in the ... Read More »

How to Light a Water Pond?

Lighting enhances a pond's look as well as the overall landscape surrounding the pond. Pond lighting provides a warm ambiance, and the pond can be seen and enjoyed while it is dark outside. Differe... Read More »

The Water Plants for a Koi Pond?

It's a good idea to keep water plants in your koi pond for a couple of reasons. Floaters, like lilies for example, use the nutrients in the water to grow. These plants take nutrients away from harm... Read More »