Pond Liner Ideas?

Answer Ponds provide beauty and tranquility. Building a pond is an enjoyable and creative process, but it can also get a bit expensive. Pond liners purchased at garden stores and the like are quite expens... Read More »

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How to Clean a Pond Liner?

Many people depend on their pond filtration devices to clean the silt and debris out of the pond water, but over time the filter can't keep up with all the debris and the pond liner will begin to b... Read More »

What kind of plastic is pond liner?

There's 5 types.. have a look at…Best of luck.

How do I calculate the size of a pond liner?

Calculate With a DiagramCalculate the length and width of the liner separately. To determine the length, add the length of the pond at its longest point and twice the pond's depth. For the width, a... Read More »

Will a pond liner hurt fish?

Some pond liners can release chemicals or gases that will harm--or even kill--fish. When you buy a pond liner, look for a fish-safe guarantee. Fish-safe pond liners are made with a different manufa... Read More »