Pond Grasses & Weeds?

Answer Pond grasses and weeds create unsightly lakes and ponds that cannot be used as desired. Grasses and weeds floating, growing submerged or protruding from the water prevent water activities like fish... Read More »

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How to Identify Garden Weeds & Grasses?

Garden weed and grass identification is essential for choosing the correct herbicide. Certain weed killers, such as selective post-emergent herbicides, contain dicamba to kill broadleaf weeds, yet ... Read More »

Native Roadside Weeds & Grasses in Minnesota?

The hardy native grasses that live in Minnesota have long held fast against encroaching intruders such as Canadian rice grass. Their deep root systems have enabled them to thrive despite the introd... Read More »

How do I control pond weeds?

Making ChoicesIdentify the problem weeds--there are hundreds, including algae, hydrilla and cattails. They're divided into four general groups: microscopic plants, floating, submersed (submerged) a... Read More »

How do I harvest pond weeds?

CuttingBefore harvesting any pond weeds, you must wield a weighted V-style cutter that can be thrown into the pond and dragged back to shore via a nylon rope. As the cutter is pulled back, it's 'Y'... Read More »