Polynomial Factoring Methods?

Answer Factoring is the standard method of solving polynomial equations by hand. There are many different methods of factoring polynomials -- simple methods that only work in certain cases, as well as mor... Read More »

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Steps for Factoring a Polynomial?

Factoring involves writing an expression as a product of factors. A polynomial consists of terms of real number constants, variables and positive whole number exponents. The terms are added, subtra... Read More »

Factoring a Four-Term Polynomial?

Factoring is learned in high school math and used throughout college math courses. The equations will start out small to make learning the processes easier. With time, the equations will become lar... Read More »

How to Reverse a FOIL When Factoring a Polynomial?

The FOIL method is a mathematical key for reducing two binomial expressions to a trinomial mathematical expression by multiplying two sets of binomials by eachother. FOIL stands for first, outside,... Read More »

Tips for Factoring a Quadratic Polynomial?

A quadratic polynomial is an equation of the form a*x^2 + b*x + c = 0. Although not every quadratic polynomial can be factored easily, many can. If the solutions to the equation are not integers, ... Read More »