Polls &Surveys Would this make a good spagetti ?

Answer That's what I had for supper...:)

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Has the "Adolescent" category become the new "Polls & Surveys"?

It's more like the"Adolecent Polls & Surveys" section.

Polls and surveys- yes/no- do you like to play with kids.....?

ya i love it.... i have a a 6yr old sis ... we play house house... she becomes mother and i her daughter... she cuks for me.. takes me to school also :p oops i forgot to mention... i m 20yrs old ;)

Polls and surveys-tweety bird or sylvester cat...?

Polls/surveys What do you do when you paint your nails while sittin on the toliet?

Half-stand up and turn around with your asss facing the shower curtain."Trap" the shower curtain between your butt cheeks, and slowly move it up a nd down until you have been fully wiped.