Polls: Have you ever shared the recipe for something yummy you just ate .......?

Answer Yay!!! I'll try that with love :)Yes I have apparently he likes it.

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Looking for the best vegan salad recipe ever... preferably something you have personally enjoyed?

I like Mudjudara. It is a cold lentil salad. I used to buy it at a store called Sinbads or at Northwest Natural Foods. I have never made it from scratch, but here is a recipe that I have been wanti... Read More »

If you have shared parental responsibility of a child and the father just moved out of the country and left his child with the mother is that abandonment and did he just give up his rights?

Answer Not necessarily, states have control over domestic issues. The laws of the state where the custody order was obtained determine what constitutes abandonment. If the person is still paying co... Read More »

Do you ever just get the urge to double-click something?

Don't listen to all the negative propaganda coming from the anti-double- clickers.Me Again would have you believe that an innocent little extra click has destroyed his sex life. Yet any fool can re... Read More »

What's a really yummy recipe for cabbage?