Poll<I>What kind of milk do you like?

Answer AE White COLD Milk! ;-)

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Why does it seem almost ever kind of milk gives me gas!!!?

Most ' all ' dairy products will do this to a person, but to some it almost seems chronic. If you're suffering real or to much distress you may want to change your eating habits. Try Soy Milk that ... Read More »

What kind of milk do you use?

I drink vanilla n chocolate soymilk. Sometimes when I eat cereal I use regular milk but mostly I use soymilk. Milk makes me feel bad sometimes.

What kind of milk do you drink?

What kind of milk do you usually use Whole, skim, 2%, 1%, Soy, etc Why?

I feel that some fat is essential for our metabolism to be normal. So, I use 2% milk and avoid excess fat in my diet.