Poll<I> Would someone be kind enough to email me?

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What kind of email address is gmail?

Google mail, or gmail, accounts are free email accounts offered by Google. Gmail uses IMAP and POP3 protocols for sending and receiving information. With your gmail account, you can access your ema... Read More »

What kind of email does gmx mail send?

I am using Mozilla's Thunderbird version and have no problems receiving emails from GMX, both plain text, rich text, and HTML. It may be a problem with your GMX account, but without speci... Read More »

Can you send email using a free live email account using Outlook Express?

No, you cannot send email using a free Windows Live email account. To better manage spam, Microsoft no longer allows users who subscribe to the free Windows Live email account to configure Microsof... Read More »

How do I make Outlook email to open when I need to send an email from any website on the internet?

Go to Start, open Control Panel and click internet Options. Go to the Programs Tab, under Email: put Outlook or Outlook Express, which ever you are using. That should do it.