Poll<I> Would someone be kind enough to email me?

Answer Here comes Your Pie!

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What conditions would cause someone to feel shaky if they don’t consume enough calories?

It could be because of low blood sugar. That can make a person feel weak with little energy, dizzy, with tremors. Just make sure you eat 3 squares daily or 5 small meals, depending on your workout ... Read More »

Would you be kind enough not to put your face to near your PC screen?

UK folks - What is a "Tesco Clubcard" and why would someone use my email address to obtain one?

It's a loyalty card - they build up points and can either use the points to purchase in store, or put them towards other offers such as holidays, insurance, mobile phones etc.The scam is simply tha... Read More »

What kind of person would insult someone by saying...?

TTC ANGEL I did read what that women said about you and I sympathize for you. Why in the world someone would ever say something like that is far beyond anything that I have ever heard. I feel so ba... Read More »