Poll<I> What's your favorite cookie to drink milk with?

Answer heck, i don't even have a favorite!! some are too darn good to put in second place...

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Are oreos really milk's favorite cookie?

No that's just a myth.Truth be told--milk doesn't like cookies. It just wants some brownies. Milk started the rumor that it prefers cookies in order to get brownies jealous, meanwhile the brownies ... Read More »

What is your favorite milk shake drink?

I love a strawberry and banana milkshake. :D

Whats your favorite drink?

Whats your favorite alcoholic drink?

Double rum and coke if I'm clubbing, beer if I'm just going out for a 'few pints', red wine in a restaurant and mojito's if we're in a cocktail bar.Mojito's are just made of white sugar, white rum,... Read More »