Poll<I> What is your favorite, pancake?

Answer Home made ones, sprinkled with sugar and a squirt of lemon, folded in half and then drizzled with maple syrup and/or chocolate sauce -------mmmmm ------only 2 more sleeps until Shrove Tuesday!

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What is your favourite pancake filling?

Cream and StrawberriesThis is also a nice recipe :Peach Blueberry Pancake Syrup1 cup sliced fresh peaches1 cup fresh blueberries2 tablespoons sugar1/2 cup unsweetened apple juicedash of ground nutm... Read More »

What would you do if you found out your favorite chinese restaurant used cats in your favorite dish?

I'd applaud the restaurant for taking cat meat and making a great dish out of it!Also, I'd wonder what happened to the pelts. Did that fur end up in P Diddy's clothing line?

What are your suggestions for amazing pancake toppings and why?

I know it sounds so unhealthy, but my dream pancake topping would be;Whipped cream, drizzled with maple syrup and melted chocolate, with a scoop of Ben and Jerry's ice cream PLUS a spoonful of Nute... Read More »

What is your favorite thing to eat from your favorite fast food restaurant?