Poll<I> What are your favorite pieces of chicken?

Answer Me too. I am having fried chicken breasts for Sunday dinner. I like homemade. This Sunday, I am trying a new recipe with Italian breadcrumbs instead of flour. KFC is good, but we have a store i... Read More »

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What is your favorite way to cook chicken?

What is your favorite Southern fried chicken recipe?

actually i find that buttermilk makes the chicken brown to quickly....I use an egg milk mixture.first i dust my chicken in flour...(wet adheres to a dry surface better) ,then I dip in the egg mixtu... Read More »

What are your favorite simple seasonings for chicken breasts?

The basics are probably salt, pepper and garlic (powder). After that you can add more spices or herbs depending on the type of flavor you want. For example, you can add thyme which is fairly comm... Read More »

Best chicken:Popeyes, KFC, or your local favorite.?

KFC Sucks...Popeyes is really good. Although, I am a wimp and order the Mild chicken. I love Popeyes side orders...Where else in the fast food industry can you get 'Red Beans 'n' Rice'? Jambalaya? ... Read More »