Poll<I> Does the thought of having a colonoscopy test scare you?

Answer I'm not afraid of the test, I'm afraid of the results. My mother died of colon cancer, my cousin two years younger than myself recently had one and he had part of his colon removed because they fou... Read More »

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Does the possibility of US health care reform scare you away from having more children?

Well I'm 17 weeks pregnant, but that scares me even more! Will it affect my birth if it's passed? How will it affect my new baby (and my daughter)? It's really scary, I'm hoping people protest enou... Read More »

Husband having colonoscopy?

I just had one recently, my first one, and I would say you need to ask the doctor who would perform the procedure. Sometimes the person is completely sedated, and is not aware of what is going on,... Read More »

I'm having surgery tomorrow for Colonoscopy.?

No, you shouldn't be concerned at all. The worst part is what you are going through now. "The Prep". During the actual procedure you will be knocked out under twilight anesthesia, you will not feel... Read More »

What age is it safe to stop having a colonoscopy?

Guidelines for colon cancer screenings direct doctors to advise patients that they may stop colon screenings at age 75 if the following criteria are met: the patient has had regular screenings sinc... Read More »