Poll : vesta or xp......?

Answer Vista is always better, though most people are going to recommend the old boring trash. Vista has amazing new features, and a lot of eye candy to make your day and boost productivity. Yes, there is... Read More »

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Windows vesta?

First of all, it is Windows Vista.And it all depends on what you are doing. Vista is great for businesses, and what is said for, gaming because of DirectX10. Great in GFX design and 3D Modeling. Th... Read More »

JUSS A POLL. Out of the following, which is the band you prefer Taking a poll 4 a class Thanks!?

Nirvana, but how can you seriously choose they all contribute something to rock. Where is Alice and Chains?-L

Poll: A short poll :)?

Music or TV? Musicc.Black or Red? Black.Sun or Rain? SUUNNN.Sleeping or Sledging? Sleeping..?Apple juice or Orange juice? Apple Juice.Converse or Vans? Conversee. Vans are good too.

R&P Poll: How old is everyone here?

I'm seventeen. I don't think I could name any single band that got me into Rock and Metal. It was more of a mixture of bands, and people I know. AC/DC played a large role, amongst many other bands.... Read More »