Poll: i havnt smoked in 12 hours should i quite now or keep on smoking?

Answer If you've got em then smoke em

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I have not smoked a cigarette for 5 hours and?

congratulations chelsea bI have a serious heart condition from smoking cigarettes.I am so addicted to nicotine that I can't seem to stop, no matter what I try.I hope that you think about this, and ... Read More »

Never smoked but want to start smoking?

Smoking is VERY bad for you. There is NOTHING good about it at all. Cigarettes are FULL of chemicals that are toxic to your body.... and the manufacturers put chemicals into them to get and keep yo... Read More »

Why do i think about alcohol and smoking ive never ever smoked?

To take up a habit, whatever it is, that you surely know by now is bad for your health because your 'best friends' do it is the worst possible reason in the world.Just be strong and say you either ... Read More »

Quit smoking but worried i smoked to much whilst pregnant?

Omg, dont listen to the people above me! While smoking is not good for your baby, I doubt any serious damage has been done. Years ago, before the dangers of smoking were widely known, women smoke... Read More »