Poll for a uni research: how good do you think Wikipedia is?

Answer I'd say about 9/10

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Poll: Do you think blocking Wikipedia was stupid?

YES. We can still use it..WAIT A SEC. If they shut down wikipedia, and youtube, facebook, twitter.. all we have left is porn, so they'll have to get rid of that too. All the porn sites. EVERY LAST ... Read More »

Do you think Wikipedia is reliable or untrustworthy as a research tool?

Untrustworthy; People tended to edit articles that contain false and personal information.

How did the myth get started that Wikipedia is a good starting point for research?

Bill, I think this may actually be something that Jimbo Wales came up with. It was clear throughout 2008 that Wikipedia was becoming the frequent butt of jokes in the mainstream media. Wikipedia ... Read More »

POLL for girls (guys are welcome too): do you think AXE smells good?

No I do NOT think it smells good.Smells cheap and it gives me a horrible headache.My friend is allergic to it in fact, her eyes were always tearing up and then she realized it was because of her bo... Read More »