Poll for a uni research: how good do you think Wikipedia is?

Answer I'd say about 9/10

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Besides wikipedia and the encyclopedia britannica, what are some good places to do online research?

I'm not sure what your research is on, but hopefully some these sites can be of help!This is a really good free site that offers searches within a number of different encyclopedias. Wikipedia and ... Read More »

How did the myth get started that Wikipedia is a good starting point for research?

Bill, I think this may actually be something that Jimbo Wales came up with. It was clear throughout 2008 that Wikipedia was becoming the frequent butt of jokes in the mainstream media. Wikipedia ... Read More »

Poll: Do you think blocking Wikipedia was stupid?

YES. We can still use it..WAIT A SEC. If they shut down wikipedia, and youtube, facebook, twitter.. all we have left is porn, so they'll have to get rid of that too. All the porn sites. EVERY LAST ... Read More »

Do you use Wikipedia for your research Why and why not?

Maybe for really weird sex stuff, newly-minted urban legends and the latest reality show results. But never for anything when a grade or a paycheck is riding on it. By the time you enter grad schoo... Read More »