Poll for Vegans: What is your religion, if any?

Answer No religion, just mother nature.Uncle Wayne - Try super-foods: super nutritious without the mercury and other toxins.

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Vegetarians/Vegans - Have you been over to the Religion & Spirituality section?

its where i spend my time here, so yeahits what it is you either like it or you donty/a and all places and sites like this will have trolls, lots of themthats what people doAdditionaljessica, if yo... Read More »

POLL: How many of you vegans/vegetarians support Peta?

Vegetarians and Vegans, what do you find annoying about other Vegetarian and Vegans?

I dislike it when other vegans wear shirts or bumper stickers that say," Heart attacks, God's revenge for people eating meat, or " Meat it's what 's rotting in your colon". I also dislike the fact... Read More »

JUSS A POLL. Out of the following, which is the band you prefer Taking a poll 4 a class Thanks!?

Nirvana, but how can you seriously choose they all contribute something to rock. Where is Alice and Chains?-L