Poll and Question: Which is better Facebook or Myspace?

Answer safer: facebook by farcollege friendly: facebook by farpopularity: facebook by farbetter: facebook; the only good thing about myspace is that you can edit your homepage, but you can't do that on fa... Read More »

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POLL: Myspace or Facebook?

Myspace! I have facebook but I am a retard and I don't know how to use it yet.

<POLL> Do you use Facebook or Myspace?

i use both so:MYSPACE-pros:-easy to use-fun to personalize-more socialcons:-more fun if you know HTML a little-more creepy people-hard to find friends-people can hack and see your profile EVEN if i... Read More »

Poll:Facebook or Myspace?

Facebook. My Space is OK, but I hate the backgrounds people use. They may be cute, but some profiles look so damn busy that it's difficult to browse around. It's just annoying. Facebook is much... Read More »

Poll: Facebook or Myspace Difference?

I have myspace. You'll have to send me your link.Edit: If you people changed your password regularly, you wouldn't have problems with hackers.Sheesh.