Poll and Question: Which is better Facebook or Myspace?

Answer safer: facebook by farcollege friendly: facebook by farpopularity: facebook by farbetter: facebook; the only good thing about myspace is that you can edit your homepage, but you can't do that on fa... Read More »

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Which is better-facebook or myspace?

I think that facebook is easier to use because there aren't as many things you have to up load and worry about such as a background color/design. Facebook is also more fun because you can add apps ... Read More »

Which is better - Myspace or Facebook?

I prefer Myspace. Perhaps it's just because I'm more familiar with it, but it seem easier to embed more interesting (customizable) content in a Myspace profile than in facebook. Also there are pr... Read More »


It all depends on you.1. How many more friends do you have on either site? 2. Do you like to have the ability to customize your page however you want, or do you like a nice clean profile?3. Ease of... Read More »

Which is better: Facebook or MySpace?

Facebook. It's so organized, and you can really express your creativity and yourself.