Poll< >Who makes the best beer the USA or?

Answer You lot don't know what real beer is ! USA and lots of Europe call it beer but it's lager and full of additives and gas. The best real beer is brewed in UK and it's good for you !

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Chicago drunkards poll: what is the best local beer?

i tried a local ale. it needed more "ohpra." hahahahahaha oly out

Poll for beer drinkers: What is your favorite beer?

when and if i drink beer, mgd, or corona!♥

Beer drinkers poll: What is your favorite beer?

Stella Artois. (I just stick to the Italian beer) orPresidente (From Dominican Republic, yes, they also have their own beer) LOL !!!!!!!!

Poll~ brown beer or lager beer.?

lager oh yes i could just do a few right now